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10.31.04: For those of you still checking up on Naughtylabs from time to time, thanks for sticking with me. I'm not going to put a date on the relaunch, because if I do then that will guarantee that it never happens. It's not easy being this neurotic.

Limbo strip #1
Limbo strip #2
Limbo strip #3

Thanks for the support and all that over the year folks. Can you believe I started this stupid comic strip back in 2001 and I'm only now starting to get serious about it? Story of my life. Keep checking back for a total relaunch of the site, 50 guaranteed new strips and a whole bunch of other cool stuff.
And go vote that inarticulate, war-mongering redneck with a messiah complex out of the white house. It's all bullshit, I know. Like they say, if voting could change anything then they'd outlaw it. But until this hypnotized world wakes up we've got to do what we can.
And, of course, keep taking drugs and having freaky sex. Do it for your uncle Raincoat.